About Jammikunta



About Jammikunta

Jammikunta is a city located in the Karimnagar District in the Indian state of Telangana. As a major industrial hub, business centre, municipality and Mandal headquarters, Jammikunta serves as the centre for trade and education for approximately 60 villages that surround it.


Jammikunta was an ancient town, home to the first inscription of western Chalukya dynasty. Ahomallapa Deva (known as Thailapa Deva II) laid the town’s foundation on 5 April 995 AD. The name “Jammikunta” was derived from the word “Dammekunte”. “Damme”, a Sanskrit word deriving from Buddhist culture, which means Lotus and “Kunte”. A Kannada word means pond, thus giving the meaning Lotus Pond.

Location and transport

Jammikunta is located in the northern part of Telangana in Karimnagar district. Despite being away from major cities, Jammikunta is well connected to major cities by railways. Jammikunta railway station is along one of busiest rail routes in India, namely the Grand Trunk Railway line. It connects the southern metropolis Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore to India’s northern cities.